Year: 2015 - 16 Width: 3.400 MM


Menzel open width bleaching range

  • 3.400 mm upper roller width
  • Suitable for fabric width of upto 3.200 mm or 2 x 1.600 mm
  • Year of make 2015/2016
  • Comprising out of washing application
  • Relaxation steamer
  • Washing and drying compartment
  • High cloth feeding
  • Entrance into J-box for interruption free production with dancing/compensator roller or deviation of the J-box
  • High cloth feeding with edge uncurlers make ERHARDT & LEIMER Type KF2020
  • Segment roller as rotary expanding roller for even feeding make ERHARDT & LEIMER type SW
  • Entrance into 1st. washing compartment with approx. 25 mtr fabric contents with 7 upper/8 lower roller
  • Squeezing unit
  • High cloth feeding into relaxation washing compartment with rotary expanding segment roller make ERHARDT & LEIMER type
  • Squeezing roller entrance into 2nd. wash compartment with 7 upper/8 lower rollers with appx. 25 mtr fabric contents
  • Lye application compartment, entrance into steamer with appx. 60 mtr fabric contents on roller, appx. 1.400 mtr on relaxation belt
  • compartment
  • Squeezing roller exit of steamer into 3 washing compartments with each of approx. 25 mtr fabric contents with each washer install
  • squeezing roller,
  • Feeding into cylinder dryer make WUMAG with it’s housing type MDD 16/2 comprising out of 2 columns of each 8 cylinder with each
  • diameter 800 mm
  • Steam heated
  • Exit of cylinder dryer into J-box for interruption free production and dancing/compensator roller Center cutting unit for 2x 1.600 mm
  • fabric width
  • Heat recovery
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