Print Head Doctor

Made in Canada, Print Head Doctor is an ideal solution for both regular print head maintenance and unclogging severely blocked heads. Easy to use, fully automated and remotely controlled, it supports all types of inkjet print heads, including UV, solvent, aqueous and specialty heads.

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Covering heads used by all major textile digital printing machines

Adaptors available for all types of heads

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Our Services Include


Automatic fluid flow, pressure, vacuum and temperature control allow for unattended, fully automated operation

Custom fluids

Our range of specially formulated fluids are capable of unclogging almost any print head


Up to 90% recovery rate. Bring back your print heads that you considered a write-off


Complete remote control of all machine functions from the included Android device or via web browser

Making Maintenance Simple

Print Head Doctor offers advanced features for easy maintenance. It boasts customizable cleaning programs, full remote control, and automatic updates, all accessible via Wi-Fi and web browser. Plus, automated logging keeps track of your cleaning cycles for better printer care.

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Next-Gen UI & Mobile Control

Print Head Doctor offers ultimate control through a next-gen UI accessible via touchscreen or web browser. Plus, a detachable mobile device lets you monitor print head health with photos and remotely control all machine functions for maximum convenience.

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