Rebus Intl Inc.

Mask Making Machine

Rebus Intl is the exclusive agent for DM Packaging Group’s state-of-the-art Taurus FFP2/FFP3 mask making machinery for USA and Canada.

Made in Italy
Mask Making Machine

Why choose Taurus Mask Making Machine

High performance

3000 masks per hour


A sturdy and reliable system that is efficient

Fast and Safe Delivery

We will transport and deliver the machine to your location

Made in Italy

Automated technology that is designed and developed in Italy

Turn-key Service

From consulting to delivery of the product to after-sales, Rebus will ensure resolution of your concerns with highest satisfaction.

Technical Specifications

1 Automatic connection with Flow pack Packaging machine.
2 Sanitization module with UVC rays.
3 Machine control and management through PLC + HMI Touch screen 10″ Panel.
4 Ultrasonic system welders: Ultrasonic power: primary welding 2 Kw, welding Laces 1 Kw/cad, frontal welding 2 Kw.
5 Approximate plant dimensions: L 10,000 X D 1,500 X H 2,200 mm.
6 Axes management through nr.7 Brushless servomotors by Schneider Electric Brand.
7 Material unwinding system by motorized reel holder with 6 AC motors and managed by invertor.
8Rotary laces welding system, managed by two stepper motors with digital encoder and digital drive management system.
9Automatic parts counting function.
10Possibility to integrate in the line automatic filter insertion (optional).
11System complies with CE regulations.
12Contact zones stainless steel masks.
13Electrical panel in compliance with standards, with safety modules for the management of guards.

See for yourself how it works in the video

What’s inside your mask

The mask has up to six layers of fabric in full compliance with the European standard UNI 149:2009. The UNI 149:2009 regulation does not provide a specification of the materials to be used. However, the finished product must comply with the characteristics required in the standard, and must be suitable to pass the tests reported in the standard. The information material can be downloaded free of charge after registration on the portal: UNI 149:2009.

Our machine can weld up to 6 layers of fabric:

1 TNT layer – PP non-woven fabric.
2 Filtering fabric layer.
3 Plain cotton layer.
4 Activated carbon layer.
5 External TNT layer.
6 Melt-Blown fabric layer an extremely soft and elastic fabric obtained from extruded polymer filaments.