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Appraisal and Liquidation
With over 25 years of experience, a well-connected global network, thousands of appraisal and liquidation reports drafted, we at Rebus, deliver accurate and informative appraisals, wherever our clients need it and whatever the size of their company.
We truly understand that the textile manufacturing sector is dynamic and demanding. Hence, our expertise and experience in dealing with all types of textile manufacturing industries, helps our clients benefit from our practical guidance and operational solutions that are vital for them to thrive.
Be it reporting the correct financial position or managing tax liabilities, each facet of our appraisal and liquidation service is targeted towards helping our clients effectively leverage their business.
Liquidating surplus inventory, restructuring a retail chain, generating working capital, disposing inventory in case of a bankruptcy, or any other liquidation services, Rebus has first-hand, in-depth knowledge, unmatched proprietary database, comprehensive research and decades of on-site expertise to provide the most accurate and reliable data which help our clients make smart business decisions.
Our Solutions
Purchase: Under this solution, Rebus can out-rightly purchase the assets to be liquidated. We determine the value of the equipment, intellectual property, raw materials, stocks of merchandise, facilities, furniture, real property, or other assets and make an offer.
Guarantee: This solution works on basis of a commission where we give a net minimum guarantee, which is equal to the offer we would make under the purchase solution. Any amount over and above this guaranteed minimum are negotiated after commission and expenses are deducted.
Commission: Rebus also offers a solution where we work on fee basis. Here we mobilize our team of experts to coordinate and execute a custom liquidation solution to maximize your assets.
Restructuring: This is an ideal solution for companies looking to liquidate overstocks, assets, or equipment from a facility slated for closing or relocation.
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