TEXCOMS WORLWIDE is a used textile machinery dealer with a commitment to provide quality pre-owned, second hand, refurbished textile machinery. A leading player in the textile marketplace, they provide a wide spectrum of solutions for existing textile operations as well as emerging firms and prospective investors.

Sacconaghi Monaco

Since 1890 Sacconaghi Monaco guarantees the best solutions available on the textile market. Dealers in new equipment, pre-owned equipment and of maintenance & spare parts, they also help in relocation of machinery & equipment.

R.G Foster Textile Machinery

R.G Foster Textile Machinery is a leading used textile machinery dealer in the United Kingdom. The company deals with all kinds of spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and printing machinery.


DUNLINE® RUBBER PRODUCTS (DRP) has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of Rubber Belts for all types and brands of Compressive Shrinkage Machines worldwide. Whether processing light weight woven or knit fabrics or shrinking heavy weight denim up to 16%, Dunline® belts are considered the industry standard and remain the preferred choice for all applications.

Şener Tekstil

Şener Tekstil is the largest producer of textile dyeing machines in Turkey. Backed by a strong research and development team, it provides state-of-the-art textile dyeing machinery. With excellent customer service and customer focussed approach they have managed to create a enviable customer base.


Founded in 2009, IMTEX GmbH is now one of the leading Textile machinery trader in the world. Through their worldwide network they provide optimal textile related solutions. The company provides used spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, knitting and sewing machinery.

Space & Time Associates

Space & Time Associates indents, trades, buys and sells Textiles & Industrial Plants, Machines, Equipment & Spare Parts through a well-organized network of Engineers, Textile Chartered Technologist, Consultants, Suppliers & Dealers in more than 200 countries from Asia, Europe, Australia, North America & South America. The company deals with all types of textile machinery- from fiber to finished textile products.