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Amar Zaidi

Amar Zaidi
CEO | Managing Director
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Amar Zaidi, President and Founder of Rebus Intl Inc., has been in the business of textile consultancy and machinery trading for more than two decades. His expertise lies in plant management & turnaround, project planning, machinery sourcing, industrial acquisitions, market analysis and employee training in the processing and finishing industry. Mr. Zaidi is highly specialized in knit and woven processing and finishing in apparel and home textiles.
A graduate of the University of Bolton in the specialized field of Textile Technology & International Marketing, Mr. Zaidi has experience in managing all forms of asset dispositions in the global textile market.
He has managed and directed international operations for some of the largest global textile companies and continues to ensure that his clients acquire the right technology and ultimately produce the right mix of products with high quality and profitability. He takes all the necessary actions to enable his clients to operate their plants efficiently; and wherever required, he provides training to home textiles and apparel technologists. Mr. Zaidi has executed more than 30 projects for technology planning and machinery sourcing, most of which were for the processing industry in the home textiles and apparel arena.
His vast experience of working in the textile industry across 40 countries makes him the leading textile technologist, not only for textile consultancy, but also for the restructuring or liquidation of a complete textile business. His association with several prominent textile machinery manufacturers and access to the second-hand market makes it easier for clients to procure the right machine, quickly and without worrying about quality.
John O'Connor

John O'Connor
Chief Consultant
John O’Connor, Principle Consultant for Rebus Intl Inc., has worked in the textile industry for over 45 years, and as a consultant for the past 25 years. John has managed the largest textile vertical operations in Australia, predominately in the woven fabric sector.

He has a Diploma in Business Management and is certified as an Associate of the Textile Institute underpin the vast experience in textile manufacturing.

Either as a manager or as a consultant, John has been engaged to elevate performance – albeit in volume, reduced off-quality, productivity, plant reliability by engaging employees to take ownership of assets and processes and having them adopt a preparedness for cross-skilling and up-skilling. John has experience across apparel, home textiles, industrial filtration & outdoor fabrics sectors. He has also managed textile plant relocation from various parts of the world mainly into Asia.

This knowledge, experience and business acumen that John brings offers the opportunity to textile manufacturing organizations to fast track sustainable business improvement projects.

Azfar Zaidi

Azfar Zaidi
Commercial Manager
Azfar Zaidi, Regional Director, is responsible for overseeing company finances, as well as overall company performance, ensuring that the clients receive timely delivery and accurate business solutions. With prior experience as a financial analyst in the healthcare industry and an education from the prestigious Schulich School of Business, Azfar brings to Rebus a deep understanding that allows him to work closely with clients in making the best decisions for their unique business situations. His attention to detail and excellent operational management skills guarantee that only quality products are shipped from our warehouses and that they reach our clients on time, every time.

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